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bawd intellectual rights notice and legal disclaimers

Notice and Disclaimers

1. Unless otherwise noted, all materials contained in this site are copyrighted. They may be republished, but only as provided in these terms and conditions.

2. The materials contained in the site may be downloaded or copied provided that ALL copies retain the copyright and any other proprietary notices contained on the materials. No material may be modified, edited or taken out of context such that its use creates a false or misleading statement or impression as to the positions, statements or actions of bawd or its authors.

3. The name and trademarks of copyright holders may NOT be used in advertising or publicity pertaining to the Web site or its content without specific, written prior permission. Title to copyright in Web site documents will at all times remain with copyright holders.

Legal Disclaimers

1. bawd has not reviewed any or all of the web sites linked to this site and is not responsible for the content of any off-site pages or any other web sites linked to this site. Please understand that any non-bawd Website is independent from bawd, and bawd has no control over the content on that Website. In addition, a link to a non-bawd Website does not mean that bawd endorses or accepts any responsibility for the content, or the use, of such site.

2. Information on this site may contain typographical errors. Information may be changed or updated without notice. bawd may make improvements and/or changes in the materials contained in or described on this site at any time without notice. bawd may also make changes in these Terms and Conditions without notice. User is bound by such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to review the then current Terms and Conditions.

Please see our Intellectual Rights FAQ below for common questions about using materials from our site.

Intellectual Rights FAQ

1. May I link to the bawd site?

Absolutely -- and we would b thrilled. Links are merely references to other sites. You don't have to ask permission to link to this site -- or any other Website.

However, you should never do anything (including making a link) that misrepresents what is being linked to, or implies a relationship with bawd that does not exist. Note, this requirement to be clear in your representations is your obligation, bawd does not sign waivers about who may link to us.

2. May I republish poems and articles from bawd?

bawd documents can be freely redistributed or republished on the condition that you provide information so that others can easily find the original document and Website, and that you provide notice of the document's authorship.

3 Can I put them on my Website?

Yes, provided that authorship of the poems or articles is clearly states, and they are linked back to this Webpage.

4. I am a writer and would like to make a "fair use" excerpt.

Well, you could republish the whole thing, following the conditions set out above. Otherwise, if you believe your usage falls within the exception of fair use (e.g., in the U.S. § 107 Title 17. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use) we ask that your citation or reference to the excerpted material include the document's title, author, publication date, and URL.

5. Can I translate one of your specifications into another language?

Yes, provided that you comply with the all of the following requirements:

1. Inform bawd of your plan to translate our content and inform us of when you've completed and published the translation. Such notice should be sent in English to [email protected];

2. Prominently disclose in the target language the following 3 items:

1. the original URL, the status of the document, and its original copyright notice;

2. that the normative version of the specification is the English version found at the bawd site;

3. that the translated document may contain errors from the translation. bawd may rescind your right to publish or distribute the derivative work if the bawd finds that it leads to confusion regarding the original document's status or integrity.

4 Can I create the "official" translation?

Possibly. Contact bawd at [email protected] to discuss the terms.

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