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The Astonishing Secret Hypno-Ukie Diorama

ongratulations, friends! You have entered the secret domain of the Ukulele King's strange alter-ego, Hypno-Ukie. By day, the Ukulele King seems to be little more than a mild mannered -- and astoundingly wretched -- poet. But at night he places onto his head a strange Hypno Machine he acquired mysteriously in the Orient and stalks the streets, dressed in black, seeking out those who perpetrate injustice

What you see beofe you is the first piece of the puzzle, the Hypno-Ukie diorama, revealing a scene never before witnessed by men: That of Hypno-Ukie hypnotizing an army of young women into doing his bidding. You can build this magnificent item for yourself, and become part of Hypno-Ukie's Army of Mesmerics! You too can be one of those who battle the forces of darkness with brawn, brain, and superlative hypnotic skill!

First of all, you are going to need to print up the various pieces of the diorama. I would recommend downloading them to your computer's hard drive first and then printing them -- the print quality should be higher that way, and, if you need to fiddle with the print sizes, you can. Just make sure that if you make on piece of the diorama 25 percent smaller, you make them all 25 percent smaller, or nothing will fit together right.

You are going to want to use a high quality color printer for this, as these images are exquisitely rendered in gorgeous full color. The three images can be found by clicking on the links below:

Image one: The front.

Image two: The back.

Image three: The figures.

Image four: The sides.

Image four: More figures.

Once you have printed up the three images, past them to some posterboard with a spray glue.

Now cut the images out -- very carefully! Feeling tired? Go ahead and use your secret Doggerel Hypnotics skills to place yourself into a brief but very refreshing trance. Now you are ready to assemble this magnificent but very simple diorama. Simply follow the instructions -- for which I will be sending you to a page about making paper creches, strangely enough, where the original template for this diorama can be found:

Instructions for building the Guggenberger Creche,
the basis for the Hypno-Ukie diorama.

Wondering what this will look like when it is done? Simply click the link below for a full-sized image of the completed creche ... er, the completed Theater of Doggerel Hypnotics! This image also makes excellent wall paper for your computer -- should you be so adventurous!

The Magnificent Hypno-Diorama in all its splendor!


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