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bawd extra: The Worst Icons in the World

For further desktop misbehavior, we offer this selection of bawd icons. Envelop your computer files in the dubious and boozy poetic goodness that is the Worst Poetry Illustrations in the world!

Windows instructions: Right click on the icon. Click the "Shortcut" tab. Click the "Change Icon" button. Browse for your new icon and then click "ok."

Macintosh instructions: Click on the icon that you want. Hold down the mouse, and then choose "copy image." Now go to the icon you want to replace and click on it, then "get information" about the icon by typing the apple key and "i" simulataneously. Paste the new icon.

Keep coming back! More soon!

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Posted by UkuleleKing at 6:48 p.m.

Design: Poo