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It's the Big Fametracker Tent!

Here is the Fametracker Diaryland web ring, by the way:

You know my theory that posters at Fametracker's forums are attempting to take over the world of online diaries? Well here is more evidence, thanks to AltoidsAddict.

And yet more evidence, thanks to CluelessCL.

And more evidence yet again, thanks to Rockgeisha. Sooner or later, Fametracker posters will become the dominant voice in pop culture commentary, This gal gets extra points from me because she like Tony Slattery.

Could it be? Why, yes it is -- another Fametracker, calling herself sydney453 this time. I can feel it -- a movement has begun.

Here's another, but sammy h has been make grumblings like the web diary might cease to exist, so better get there quick.

One thing about Fametrackers is that they tend to be an opinionated lot. Check out Blue Man for a class example of this.

A Fametracker poster's blog. Gotta love someone with a genius for links.

Another Fametracker journal. Who else but a Fametracker poster would share my obsession for MTV reality shows. Well, several million people, I suppose, but they wouldn't be as articulate about the whole thing.

Another. Collect them all!

Pete's page, aside from being LOADED with good links, has some fabulous artwork from old pulp novels and magazines. But where is the Zorro, Pete? Where is the Zorro??

This is more of a webzine than an online journal, but it is edited by a Fametracker and comes straight from the heart of the beast, Hollywood, Ca. You had better believe they have some things to say about the rich, famous, and preternaturally perky.

And this one is more like a diary, but with interesting topical discussion.

This poster goes under the name iknowkarate at Fametracker, and isn't that what Crispin Glover said to David Letterman? "I know karate, I can kick?"

She doesn't update very often. Neither do I, but when I do -- POW! 3500 gorious words! I'm writing as Russian novel!

Non Fametracker Diaries that are Worth a Damn
Because most online diaries, as you probably already know, ain't.

There is, and oh! how her journals make me laugh!

Here is a lovely journal of memories. Back when I used to read zines obsessively, I was often the most struck by the fearless intimacy of those that were the most autobiographical. And here I find that astounding intimacy again.

Which is not to say that there isn't plenty of room for diaries such as The Incredible Hulk's. His mind was once blown by a Lite Bright, you know.

Other Links:

For a listing of Weblogs and journals, check out The Octopus Files.

Diaryland reviews.

Boys, here's you place to get reviewed

The daring get reviewed by the assholes!

Get reviewed by DiaryReviews!

Get reviewed by FadedReviews.

From the Heart Reviews

Great Reviews. Where the great go to be reviewed.

GBM reviews. Good, honest criticism. Better check your spelling.

Hotkeys, by comparison, is a little more forgiving of gramatical errors.

Get an Iron Fisted Review, if you dare.

LP reviews; no, they do not review long-playing records.

Melodyviews; no, they also do not review long-playing records.

Nautical Star Reviews. for some reason, this review site makes me want to sing sea shanties.

Stiggy. Apparently, she's a real scorch cake.

Shire reviews. Is anybody surprised that hobbits are offering reviews online?

Sinful reviews. Where, I suppose, the sinful go to be reviewed.

Tipsy reviews. Where the tipsy ... go .. aw, never mind. I've beaten that joke into the ground.

Interestingly, even though they dismissively call themselves "Yet Another Review Site," they are one of the best.

Zap Reviews. No relation, I imagine, to the classic underground comic book.

I asked for an opinion and I got it!

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