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2003-05-19 - Big Rock Candy Mountain: An Introduction to Hobo Poetry
2003-05-15 - Ramcatters Ball An Introduction to an Editorial Mission
2003-05-14 - Hiatus
Poem: Poor May! The Ballad of Ramcat Alley

2003-04-01 - The Chastushki: Naughty Poem or Tool of Dissent?
2003-03-28 - Edward Gorey, a Deranged Wit
2003-03-26 - A Traditionalist When It Comes to Filthy Songs
Poem: My Great Long Strumming Thing

2003-03-23 - A First Poetry Reading
2003-03-21 - Elsa Lanchester, a Cause of Lasciviousness in Others
2003-03-20 - Rivers are Damp: On the Art of Epitaphs
2003-03-19 - A Pirate's Life for Me!
Poem: The Ballad of Sadie the Goat

2003-03-17 - Newspapers, Doggerel, and the State of the World
Poem: It's War, Boys, It's War

2003-03-17 - On the Heathen Practice of Toasting
2003-03-15 - Heinrich Hoffmann, a Man Who Scared Children
2003-03-12 - Theater Can Be Such a Drag
Poem: Three Limericks

2003-03-08 - William McGonagall, a Terrible Poet
Poem: The Doom That Came to Potter's Square

2003-03-06 - A Problem with Alcohol
Poem: We Drink because We Must

2003-03-04 - The Clothes of the Dead
Poem: Four Hateful Epitaphs

2003-03-02 - Grotesque Stories for Children
Poem: The Fate of Jenny, Who Liked to Steal

2003-02-27 - The Wonderful Shame of the Limerick
2003-02-27 - Deaths
Poem: Four Detestable Children

2003-02-26 - The Worst Poet in the World
Poem: Gift to a Loyal Servant

2003-02-25 - The Chapbook
Poem: The Great Whiskee River

2003-02-25 - Introduction
Poem: The Fate of Jimmy Jones

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